A unique opportunity has arisen for aspiring film composers everywhere. Four lucky composers will get the chance to win a recording with a 65-piece orchestra at the legendary Air Studios in London.

Two of the four composers will win 1st prize, and in addition to the orchestral recording will get to spend a month in Los Angeles, take advantage of a one-to-one mentoring session with composer Christopher Young at his studio in LA, win a full scholarship to attend the GEMS Film Scoring Program in Spain in July 2020, AND receive the 2020 ScoreLive London Film Composer Award.

2nd prize will be awarded to the other two composers, who will each win a €2000 scholarship to the GEMS Film Scoring Program in Spain in July 2020, and will be awarded the 2020 ScoreLive London Film 2nd prize Composer Award.

But that’s not all. 24 runner-up composers will each win a €1000 scholarship to the GEMS Film Scoring Program in Spain in July 2020, and every other composer who has registered will receive a €250 tuition discount on the GEMS Film Scoring Program in Spain in July 2020.

Talk about great incentives! If these goodies don’t get your creative juices flowing and push you to write your best orchestral score to date, nothing will.


ScoreLive London is a new concept in film scoring competitions. Their aim is to provide composers with a real world opportunity to record their music at one of the best recording studios in the world with a full professional 65-piece orchestra. To place them in the same location and offer them the same experience that all the award-winning composers enjoy.

Moving your own composition from a run-of-the-mill DAW sample library mock-up and hearing it being played by a professional orchestra is an unbelievable feeling. The winners will have that WOW factor and get to experience real world best practices. That is why ScoreLive London selected the legendary Air Studios in London to host the competition recording.

ScoreLive London decided to offer two types of creative compositional challenges. The first is to score a stop motion animation clip and the second is to score a memorable singable main title. Both have their own challenges and allow the composer to shine with such a wide orchestral canvas. Judges will award 1st and 2nd prizes for each category.

ScoreLive London wanted to have significant composers as quality judges with experience at the highest industry level, so who better to involve in judging the compositions than award-winning LA composers, who also teach at USC.

ScoreLive, with their music education partner GEMS, aim to support the career development and professional opportunities of all their students, and have great fun during the process.

Early Bird registration is open till 31 January.

Registration closes 1 March at 12:00 GMT. The winners will be announced on 7 March at 12:00 GMT.

Head over to ScoreLive London for the full scoop.