Milan Records has released the new soundtrack album to the 5th season of France’s flagship TV series, ‘The Bureau’ (‘Le Bureau des Légendes’), scored by ROB.

The highly anticipated Season 5 will premiere next Monday 6 April on Canal+ (and will later be distributed on Sundance Channel in the US and Amazon Prime in the UK). Starring Mathieu Kassovitz (‘Amelie Poulain’) and Louis Garrel (‘Little Women’), ‘The Bureau’ is France’s most popular and critically acclaimed political thriller series, which revolves around the lives of agents of the DGSE (General Directorate of External Security), France’s principal external security service.


Season 5 marks the end of a cycle, culminating with the Palme d’Or-winning Jacques Audiard (‘Dheepan’, ‘Rust and Bone’, ‘A Prophet’) directing the last two episodes.

Robin Coudert alias ROB is a Paris-based composer and producer and is one of the artists representing the ‘French Touch’. He has worked with Sebastien Tellier and Phoenix on different projects at the beginning of the 2000s. He is especially known for his work on horror movies such as Frank Khalfoun’s ‘Maniac’, Oz Perkins’ ‘Gretel & Hansel’, Alexandre Aja’s ‘Horns’, as well as other notable projects such as David Farr’s ‘Troy: Fall of a City’, and Rebecca Zlotowski’s ‘Belle Epine’ and ‘Planétarium’, among others.

The Bureau’s 5th season is very special to ROB as it marks the end of a collaboration of more than 5 years with the series’ ‘brain’ and show runner Eric Rochant. With 50 episodes and more than 16 hours of composed music, The Bureau is by far the most titanic project of the composer’s career.


The music he has written for this season has a very personal touch which draws heavily on the emotions and feelings of the characters.

ROB, on his music for the long-awaited fifth season of ‘The Bureau’: ‘This 5th season marks the most tragic one of the entire series. That’s why I have chosen to oversize the dramatic framework with music by introducing orchestral parts to the most emblematic and electronic themes of the series.’


1. Inform 570 (1:37)
2. Ultima 591 (2:20)
3. Light 30 (3:16)
4. Frost (2:47)
5. Trone 10 (2:10)
6. Light 540 (1:26)
7. Ultima 597 (1:47)
8. Inform 5221 (4:02)
9. Guts 13 (2:51)
10. Light 44 (1:41)
11. Guts Wave 22 (1:47)
12. Strate 530 (1:20)
13. Fronde 10 (3:18)
14. Guts Wave 21 (3:18)
15. Research 518 (1:42)
16. Research 54.2 (3:03)
17. Light 542 (2:47)
18. Finale (4:34)